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Because it’s
never just a belt.
All the OE-quality parts you need for a complete Serpentine Belt replacement, together in one box.

When a professional repair technician goes to change a vehicle’s Serpentine Belt(s), it’s good practice to also replace the tensioners and idlers along with it to limit the potential for uneven wear and the risk for future problems or failure.

ContiTech Accessory Drive Kits now make it easier for technicians to order and stock all of the components for a complete belt replacement. Everything they need comes in one box with one SKU. This means they no longer need to waste time sourcing individual components or risk forgetting an integral part with their initial order.

With 32 kits available for more than 214 applications and growing, technicians can be confident in their ability to potentially service over 20 million vehicles currently in operation. While their customers can rest easy knowing they’re receiving the highest OE-quality ContiTech belts and components from a trusted repair facility.

For Asian, European and Domestic applications – trust ContiTech belts from CRP Automotive.

CRP Automotive offers widespread NAFTA market access.
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