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Our most comprehensive kits just got even better.

In 2007, CRP Automotive proudly introduced the Pro Series ContiTech Timing Kits complete with timing belt, tensioners (hydraulic when applicable), idlers, and a water pump. After receiving an overwhelmingly positive response from professional repair technicians, we decided to take this great idea and make it better. In 2010, we introduced our Pro Series Plus kits. This line contains everything the Pro Series line has to offer plus the addition of cam and balance shaft seals.

In 2015, we decided to make our best kits even better. We UPGRADED many of our the Pro Series & Pro Series PLUS Kits with even more OEM content along with a guarantee that matches the manufacturer's service interval up to 120,000 miles*.

Today, there are more than 150 Pro Series kits available for more than 2,600 applications. And 162 Pro Series Plus kits available for 2,400 vehicle applications. The Pro Series ContiTech Timing Kits offer a healthy profit margin for the professional repair technician as well as increased safety and reliability for the end user.

CRP Automotive offers widespread NAFTA market access.
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* Replacement guarantee equal to the original vehicle manufacturer's recommended replacement interval up to 120,000 miles. Amount of mileage coverage varies by vehicle make, model and year.