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On average, it takes about 2-4 hours to do a timing belt repair whether professional repair technicians replace just the belt or all the corresponding parts at the same time. Since the time and difficulty is already allocated to do the repair, the return on labor hours is greater when changing the entire drive belt system.

ContiTech Timing Belt Kits come complete with all the synchronous parts needed to do a timing belt repair quickly and efficiently. Professional repair technicians only need one box to do the entire job. And drivers enjoy a safe and reliable product that stands the test of time.

From the belt to the tensioner and/or idler, all ContiTech Timing Belt Kits contain only OE-quality components. In fact, many of our kits exceed OEM quality specifications. And with 225-plus ContiTech timing belt kits to choose from, CRP Automotive offers the widest program coverage in the market! Simply no other company in the industry offers a better timing belt kit program than ContiTech.

For all Asian and European imports as well domestic applications - choose ContiTech Timing Belts from CRP Automotive.

CRP Automotive offers widespread NAFTA market access.
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