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Depending upon the type of engine, timing belt failure could result in costly and in some cases, irreparable damage. Since timing belts endure a lot of wear and tear, professional repair technicians can't afford to trust a sub-standard part to do the job.

When reliability and OE-quality is a must, turn to ContiTech Timing Belts. Extremely resistant to wear and temperature extremes, all ContiTech Timing Belts are virtually maintenance-free. And built to last!

ContiTech offers the most complete and cutting edge timing belt program available on the market, with over 270 belts created with the latest in material technology, including a polychloroprene cover, glass fiber tension members, integrally molded polychloroprene rubber teeth, and polyamide fabric.

For all Asian and European imports as well domestic applications - choose ContiTech Timing Belts from CRP Automotive.

CRP Automotive offers widespread NAFTA market access.
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